Biotrue ONEday New
Biotrue ONEday Daily disposables High Definition Optics for crisp, clear vision — all day an..

RRP: 31.00

Discount Price: 24.00

text_tax €0.00

Acuvue Trueye New
1-Day Acuvue Trueye Healthy Eyes - Clinically shown to be comparable to the natural eye o..

RRP: 35.00

Discount Price: 27.00

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ProClear 1 Day New
Proclear 1 Day   All-day comfort – even at the end of the day, when you need it most ..

RRP: 19.00

Discount Price: 17.50

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SofLens Multi-Focal New
SofLens Multi-Focal Time-tested, deposit resistant material for excellent comfort Easy handl..

RRP: 36.00

Discount Price: 24.00

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SofLens daily disposable Toric for Astigmatism New
SofLens daily disposable Toric for Astigmatism Crisp, Sharp Vision - The innovative asphe..

RRP: 26.00

Discount Price: 22.00

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This Eyebag is a hot compress treatment for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfuntion. Treats dry ..

RRP: 30.00

Discount Price: 28.00

text_tax €28.00

VitA-POS VitA-POS is a preservative-free ointment made by Scope Optalmics. Due to its smooth, gel..

RRP: 12.00

Discount Price: 10.00

text_tax €10.00

Blephasol Solution A high tolerance solution, non irritating to the eye Lid margin and skin ..

RRP: 18.00

Discount Price: 15.00

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Blephaclean Lid Wipes  A high tolerance micelle solution Lid margin and skin cleansin..

RRP: 15.00

Discount Price: 12.00

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Hylo-Forte Hylo-Forte 7.5ml from Scope Ophthalmics. Hylo-Forte is a preservative free intens..

RRP: 15.00

Discount Price: 13.50

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Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

It is ironic the season we most like to wear contact lenses is the most challenging for our eyes. The ..

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Contact Lenses you can leave in

 Extended wear contact lenses are available which allow you to sleep in your lenses without the hassle of cleaning or removal....

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What is new on the market

We detail what are the latest releases and new to the market. The landscape is constantly changing here we offer a review....

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Multifocal Contact Lenses

 The fastest growing sector of the contact lens market is catering for those that need vision correction at near as well as far...

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Dealing with Dry Eye

 Dry eye is a growing problem and we conduct specific Dry Eye Clinics to deal with this topic. Read here how to deal with this problem...

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Eye Health

 The effects of what we eat on our eyes is well documented. Here we describe what supplements are recommended and why we need to take them...

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